Welcome to Lil Cherubs children's consignment!!  Our TOTAL profits help to serve the children in our BOYLE COUNTY community and around the world!

 Centenary United Methodist Church
1441 Perryville Road
Danville, KY 40422

How to register:

     1.  Register to be a seller.  "CLICK HERE" to register.

     2.  Click "Need a consignor number"

     3.  Fill in necessary information and a password. 

     4.  Click Submit

     5.  Read the seller agreement.  If you agree, type YES into the box.               Continue registration.

     6.   Click the "Buy Now" button and pay your $5 registration fee. 

     7.  ***IMPORTANT***  As soon as you pay, you will receive a                      confirmation from paypal and you MUST click the small link to              "return to Lil Cherubs"  for your registration to be complete.  

We are delighted to have you participate in our sale!  Please pay close attention to our instructions, we have this system down to a science to help get our sale up and running in a matter of hours:)  If, at any time, you have questions, please email us: lilcherubs1441@gmail.com

Welcome Consignors

Lil Cherubs


I have registered, now what?

     1. Once you have registered, please go to your consignor homepage or CLICK HERE.

     2. Please select a drop-off appointment. (Mandatory) (When you will bring your items ready to check-in).  

     3.Volunteer to work a shift, if you choose.​ 

​     4. Work with your consigned (active) inventory.  (This is where you will enter your items for the sale.)  **Please see the consignor guidelines on how to proceed with entering your items**

As a consignor, you have a wonderful perk of shopping early! Thursday at 6pm.  

*If you are volunteering for the sale, your shopping will be 5pm*